1. ECOPLASTOL Sp. z o.o. provides a guarantee for electrofusion fittings, butt fittings and adapters of the GeoFittings system, hereinafter referred to as GeoFittings, to the buyer.
  2. The guarantee for GeoFittings is provided to the buyer who sells or assembles the purchased GeoFittings as part of its business activity.
  3. This warranty covers products that are not suitable for assembly, with manufacturing defects, not in accordance with the technical specification or products whose welding process was incorrect.
  4. Warranty claims should be made by the buyer.
  5. The warranty is granted only when the buyer has evidence of compliance with the Storage and Transport Conditions specified in point 7 of this document and presents documents confirming the use of instruments and devices with valid calibration, calibration or legalization certificates for the installation.
  6. ECOPLASTOL Sp. z o.o. provides a 10-year warranty for GeoFittings, subject to point 7.
  7. The recipient, upon transport, storage and assembly of GeoFittings, is obliged to:
    a) Store GeoFittings horizontally on a flat and level surface. The height of storage and packing should not exceed 1 meter.
    b) Protection of GeoFittings against the adverse effects of direct sunlight and precipitation.
    c) Protection of GeoFittings against damage, heavy contamination, exposure to heat, solvents or contact with fire. The distance from radiators and heating cables should not be less than 1 m.
    d) If GeoFittings are transported in bulk, the loading surface of the vehicles should be even and free of sharp or protruding edges. The fittings to be transported should be placed closely next to each other and secured against shifting. It is unacceptable to throw them and move them on the ground.
    e) The assembly of GeoFittings should be carried out in accordance with the principles of proper implementing practice set out in the “GeoFittings Assembly Instructions”.
  8. In the event of a defect, the Customer is obliged to deliver the potentially defective item to the company’s headquarters together with a document describing the defect.
  9. ECOPLASTOL Sp. z o.o. undertakes to send a written response to the complaint within 14 days of the delivery of the potentially defective item.
  10. In the event of a potential defect of a fitting welded to the pipe, the above-mentioned fitting should be sent to the company’s headquarters along with a cut piece of pipe protruding at least 50 mm beyond the fitting.
  11. In the case of a recognized complaint, under the warranty of
    ECOPLASTOL Sp. z o.o. undertakes to replace the defective GeoFittings fitting free of charge.
  12. The warranty does not cover:
    a) Installation defects resulting from improper installation carried out by the contractor,
    b) Damage resulting from improper operation, maintenance and operation.
    c) Mechanical damage to system components and resulting system failures.